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Welcome to the Astronomy and Astrophysics Group - GAA

The Astronomy and Astrophysics Group (GAA) gathers researchers from the Dept. of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (DFEN) and the Dept. of Applied Physics (DFA) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), since 1995. It consists of 4 faculty members, 2 staff members, 3 lecturers, 1 assistant professor, 1 post-doctoral fellow, and 8 PhD students.

The research interests of the GAA comprise a wide spectrum of areas in Astronomy & Astrophysics, mostly in stellar structure and evolution. This includes:
* Evolution of AGB and super-AGB stars
* Non-linear dynamics of pulsations of variable stars
* Herbig Haro objects and Planetary nebulae: jets and outflows. Hydrodynamics
* Cooling of white dwarfs
* Type Ia supernovae: hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis. 
* Classical nova explosions: hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis. Observations
* Type I X-ray bursts: hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis. X-ray observations
* Physics of black holes
* Simulations of stellar mergers
* Inertial confinement fusion: hydrodynamic simulations
* Experimental nuclear astrophysics: thermonuclear reaction-rate measurements with stable and radioactive ion beams
* Space missions: ground segment and payload
The GAA headquarters are located in two campuses, in downtown Barcelona (DFEN) as well as in Castelldefels (DFA, 15 km south of Barcelona).