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Research Grants


Research Funding of the Astronomy & Astrophysics Group (since 2000)

Reference Funding
Title P.I.    Period     Budget (Euros)
AYA2000-1785 MCYT  Stellar evolution: theory and applications at a Galactic scale E. García-Berro 2000-2003 36.000
HA2000–0038  MCYT The white dwarf luminosity function as a tracer of Galactic evolution    E. García-Berro 2000-2001  11.400
AFC2000-0144-FB MECYD  Grant for Astronomy textbooks E. García-Berro 2001 3.000
NATO/NIG.977217  NATO Improving the Networking Infrastructure for internet connectivity at the University of Transilvania at Brasov (Romania) E. García-Berro 2001 124.000
MCYT  The White dwarf population of the galactic halo E. García-Berro 2003-2006 64.300
AYA2004-06290-C02-02  MEC Scientific Exploitation of INTEGRAL, XMM-Newton & Chandra, and feasibility of future gamma-ray astronomy missions J. José 2004-2007 46.000
 MEC The fossil populations of the Galaxy: progenitors, properties and applications E. García-Berro 2005-2008 102.000
GRC00865/2005 AGAUR-DURSI Astronomy and Astrophysics, Consolidated Research Group E. García-Berro 2005-2008 42.200
AO/1-5324/06/NL/LvH ESA/GTD S.A. Gaia Optimum Compression Algorithm (GOCA) E. García-Berro 2007 169.000
AYA2007-66256 MICINN Multidimensional Modeling of Stellar Explosions: Novae, X-Ray Bursts, & Thermonuclear Supernovae J. José 2007-2010 66.429
MICINN Two challenges for modern stellar evolution:  supernova progenitors and AGB stars  E. García-Berro 2008-2011 72.200
SGR1002/2009 AGAUR-DIUE  Astronomy and Astrophysics, Consolidated Research Group E. García-Berro 2009-2013 47.840
09-EuroGENESIS-FP-004 ESF Physics of compact objects: explosive nucleosynthesis and evolution J. José 2010-2013  
A/023687/09  MAEC Study of binary systems after a common  envelope episode S. Torres 2010-2011 15.000
EUI2009-04167 MICINN Physics of compact objects: I. Theoretical modeling and observations of stellar explosions J. José 2010-2013 118.000
AYA2010-15685 MICINN Last Stages of Stellar Evolution in Binary Systems: Classical & Recurrent Novae, Supernovae, X-Ray Bursts, & Mergers J. José 2011-2013 41.866 
AYA2011-23102 MINECO

White dwarfs: progenitors, evolution, pulsations and explosions

E. García-Berro 2012-2014 71.390
AYA2013-42762-P MINECO

Stellar explosions: multidimensional hydrodynamics and nucleosynthesis

J. José 2014 15.000
SGR038/2014 AGAUR

Astronomy and Astrophysics,

Consolidated Research Group

E. García-Berro 2014-2016 24.000
AYA2014-59084-P MINECO Multidimensional simulations of novae and type Ia supernovae E. García-Berro, J. José 2015-2017 166.980
H2020-MSCA-IF-2015 EU, H-2020 BACCO: Burning on Accreting Compact Objects M. Linares 2017-2018 170.000
AYA2017-86274-P MINECO From cooling to explosions: the physics of compact objects J. José, D. García-Senz 2018-2020 114.950
SGR661/2017 AGAUR

Astronomy and Astrophysics,

Consolidated Research Group

J. José 2017-2019 16.000